7-Day Sugar Detox Plan – How To Do A Sugar Detox For Weight Loss

Learn how you can do a sugar detox in order to boost your weight loss and also get rid of those sugar cravings that you always have.

But don’t get me wrong, we all love the sweet taste of sugar in the cake. And also, sugar can also have some good health benefits too.

It’s only when you become obsessed with a bowl of ice cream when feeling a little sad the problem arises. Some people feel sad about the way they look and stuff their emotions by eating ice cream and other sugary stuff.

This is very bad for your health on too many levels that’s why you need sugar detox.


Let’s start with what we get when we get the sugar (natural sugar) in our bodies.

3 Of The Benefits Of Sugar In Your Body

It Can Boost Your Energy

No wonder when we were kids, we always felt like we had never-ending energy. It’s because we always had that boost of sugar after eating those candies.

Sugar contains glucose which is also known as your body’s fuel power. Since the body splits the sucrose which contains fructose and glucose, the insulin helps transfer the glucose molecule to your body cells.

From there, it gets metabolized and converted into energy.

It Can Help You Store Energy Fast

Through the process of glycogenesis, the body also stores some of the glucose you get from sugar in order to give your body the energy for later.

But you must be careful when taking sugar because glucose can also be converted into fat when they exceed the storage capacity.

I’m sorry for throwing too much science in your face but you needed to hear this.

It Contains Nutrients

Things such as fruits, veggies, and other dairy products contain what we call natural sugar together with antioxidants, vitamins, and more.

These types of sugars are the most recommended because they are essential to your health.

Difference Between Natural Sugar And Added Sugar

Natural Sugar – These are the sugars that I call the Complex CarboHydrates. This is because they can help by providing nutrition and can also regulate blood sugar.

These are the ones found in fruits, veggies, and milk. They are the ones that we should consume.

Added Sugar – These are the ones added to our foods and they have little to no nutrition. They can easily exceed your glucose level in your body’s glucose storage.

These are the reason you are reading this post today.

Why You Need Sugar Detox For Weight Loss

I explain deeply about detox in general here. Feel free to check it out!

Let’s start with the one that you came here for!

Sugar Makes You Overweight

As I have explained that when the glucose levels exceed the normal level, it can be converted into fats. That’s it!

It’s often Addictive

I had this problem too. I used to buy biscuits and ate them as snacks. in a few weeks, I started to realize that my clothes were starting to feel a little tighter on me.

I didn’t take it seriously at first until I took a long look at myself in the mirror. I realized that I wasn’t who I used to love.

what’s worse is that I was denial. I didn’t want to believe that the problem was the Oreos I kept drowning myself in.

You may have heard stories about addictions about smoking and other stuff but sugar is also one of that stuff. It’s highly addictive

It’s Responsible for Blocking Leptin

Leptin is the hormone that controls how much food you can eat. It’s responsible for regulating your body’s energy and also weight.

The blockage of this Leptin turns everything upside down. You’ll start to crave more and more food, most foods that are full of added sugars.

Sugar Is Destroying Your Teeth

Sugar does not directly destroy your teeth, acid does. So how is sugar involved in this?

Well, your mouth contains bacteria that break down sugar. This bacteria can produce acid during the process of breaking down this sugar.

So the more you drink and eat sugary stuff, the more the bacteria works, creating the acid, thus, rotting your teeth. This problem is often associated with kids because they are far more attracted to sugary foods than adults.

How To Do A Sugar Detox?

Drink More Water

7-Day Sugar Detox Plan - How To Do A Sugar Detox For Weight Loss

The one organ responsible for your body-detox is the liver. It needs water and glucose in order to produce glycogen

When I have sugar cravings, I developed a habit of drinking lemon water or just plain water. This helps me clear my thirst and stay refreshed.

Replace Your Junk Foods With Healthy Foods

Those junk foods in your kitchen, Yeah, I see you! contain a lot of added sugar. You need to get rid of them and replace them with high protein, nutrient-rich foods.

It might not be that easy to lose some of your favorite foods but look at the bigger picture. Focus on your goal and nothing else.

Get Enough Sleep

7-Day Sugar Detox Plan - How To Do A Sugar Detox For Weight Loss

Your body needs sleep in order to break down toxins and remove them from your system. Lack of sleep may also be responsible for your weight gain.

But How? Well, when you lack sleep, your stress hormone cortisol increase. And you know what we do when we’re stressed? Ice cream!

So getting enough sleep is very important. A rough estimate would be 8 hours but I sleep for about 6 hours and I’m fine with it. If you have to wake up early in the morning, then go to sleep early.

Don’t be a Night Owl!

Plan Ahead

You need to have a scheduled meal plan that is sugar-free and ahead of time. This will remove your mindset from having too many temptations.

Take a good look at the breakfast that you’re having without planning? Does it look good to you?


You need a plan and not just any plan, but a good diet plan that covers your breakfast meal, lunch meal, and dinner meal.

This not only helps you detox your body from sugar but also boosts your weight loss process. This brings me to my next point!

If You Want To Speed Up Weight Loss, You Can:

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