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If you have a WordPress blog or plan to create a WordPress website, then you know by now that you need to take a look at blog themes that fits your style.

Finding a blog theme can be hard if you’re a beginner and don’t even know why it matters so much.

I know this because I had the same problem when I first started my journey in the blogging industry.

If you are like me, then it’s possible that you might have seen a blog that inspired you and you’re asking yourself if you can make yours look theirs.

Don’t worry, I got you!

So, before we get into the core of blog themes, let’s take a look at its definition.

What Is A Blog Theme?

So basically, a blog theme is a collection of stylesheets installed on your WordPress blog that allows you to make design customization of your blog to define the display of your blog.

Too Many Words?

Well, think of it as the front end appearance of your blog.

Why You Should Not Spend Too Much Time Finding Blog Themes?

This was one of the biggest obstacles that got me depressed when I started my very first blog. When I bought my very first domain, I had to choose a theme that looked soo ugly.

By that time, I didn’t even know what a blog theme was. So upon my blog creation, I just chose a random theme.

I became very depressed and decided to do a little research. after my research, I became a little obsessed with the way my blog looked.

This led me to try multiple blog themes searching for perfection. This brought the second wave of depression and I nearly gave up.

What broke my heart was that even after trying so many themes and even got what I wanted, I wasn’t satisfied. I wasted my energy and time looking for something that didn’t even give me the satisfaction I needed.

Don’t be like me.

Do not waste too much time trying to find that “perfect thing” on a theme. Spend your time wisely and focus on content creation because that should be your top priority.

What You Should Look For On a Blog

There are a couple of things that you should look for on a blog theme. I am going to list them from most important to less important.

1. Your blog theme should not strain your website speed.

No matter how pretty your website may look, if the website speed is whack, then all of that hard work you’ve put on your blog will go to waste. Nobody wants to spend time on a very slow blog.

What you should do instead is to find a blog theme that has a very good speed index score. You can check your website speed here.

If you get something like less than 50% score them you should take a look at your website theme. It might be the reason behind it. Although, there may be other factors like having too many plugins on your blog your theme plays a major part.

2. It Should be Easy to Customize

As a beginner, you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to change something like the primary color of your blog.

Some themes are too hard to use and require too much time to get to know them better and time is something that you do not have.

3. It must be User Friendly For Your Readers

if your readers find it hard to navigate through your blog, you might lose sales because of it.

Ask yourself this, would you buy a course or any digital product on a complicated website? If NO, then why would others do?

You get my point.! This should cross your mind every time you install a theme.

Now, let’s move to what you came here for… the themes that I personally recommend.

Four Of My Top Blog Themes

1. Genesis Framework

Best Blog Themes For WordPress – 5 Best Paid and Free Themes

This theme is probably the fastest theme I know and it is pretty pricey too. I’ve never personally used this one before but through some research and buy just checking out blogs that use this theme, you can tell that they deliver their promise.

Through my research, I also found that this theme is hard to use too. I personally recommend this theme to advanced bloggers only. You can get the theme here!

2. Up next, We Have Divi Theme

Best Blog Themes For WordPress – 5 Best Paid and Free Themes

This is my #1 recommendation for new bloggers. If you want to have a very user-friendly blog theme, then Divi is here for you. I use Divi theme on my other blogs so I’ve had a very special place.

What I also love about Divi is that It has a drag-and-drop editor that lets you design your blog and see how it looks in real-time, making it much easier for newbies to use.

3. Hestia [ FREE & The One I use On This Blog]

Out of all those free WordPress themes, I chose this one to use on this blog. Although FREE themes do not have all those customizations, I personally think this one is pretty cool.

I managed to create this blog using this theme and also managed to create a certain touch to it that makes my blog unique.

Even if it doesn’t have the drag-and-drop feature like Divi theme, I still feel like this theme is underrated. During the writing of this blog post, this website is a little bit faster than my other blog that uses the Divi theme. So by looking at that only, you can tell that the Hestia theme is underestimated.

4. Neve Theme

Best Blog Themes For WordPress – 4 Best Paid and Free Themes

The Second FREE one is the Neve theme. At first, I used this but then I crashed my blog using it.

This theme is for those who do not want a lot of customization options, or just on a tight budget.

Why Did I Choose A FREE Theme On This Blog?

Before I chose this theme, I had a bit of a problem. I asked myself that if this blog was made as a challenge in creating an online business in front of my readers, should I get a paid theme or a free one?

Well, although to some it may seem like I made a mistake but I chose to use a FREE theme.


I don’t want any of you to feel left out. Since it’s a challenge that I want all of you to participate in, I don’t want anyone to feel left out just because they can’t afford to pay for a theme.

The goal of this blog is to inspire and motivate you as my reader. If the message is delivered, then that’s fine by me.

But in the future, I will eventually make a change from a FREE to a premium theme. But that will only happen when this blog is making money. But don’t worry, I will keep you updated!

My Last Words!!

If you found this post helpful, please let me know in the comment section below. You can also help by following us on Pinterest So which one of these themes do you like? If you have other better themes, please share with us!

Lifestyle Nerd, Signing Out!!


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