Iced Coffee Protein Shake To Lose 2O Lbs In A Month

Can iced coffee protein shake burn off 20 pounds in a month or less? Well, you’re about to find out in a moment.

While studies clearly show that caffeine can help your body burn fat, and also speed up your metabolism, it doesn’t guarantee to burn 20 pounds in a short period of time, Does it?

For years now, people have been drinking smoothies and also iced coffee to help them burn fat.

Some succeeded but others got the opposite results.

Studies show that people who drank coffee without sugar managed to shed few pounds faster than those who drank smoothies.

The reason is rather simple really!

Why Is Protein Iced Coffee Better Than Smoothies?

The Problem Is Not The Smoothies!

Well, you see when people make smoothies they really love to spice things up a bit.

And by spice things up I mean to add in more sugar content to their smoothies to make it even sweeter and as if it wasn’t sweet enough.

Bananas and berries already contain a moderate amount of natural sugar. Adding processed sugar just diminishes the purpose of the smoothie in the first place.

As you may already know, added sugar is directly responsible for the build-up of that stubborn belly fat.

That is because the smoothies now contain too many calories and what you end up doing is getting more calories like that found in soda. That’s a lot!

But if you don’t make any additions to smoothies, and also drink them wisely, you can have massive benefits from them.

You can also lose weight if you drink the ones with the right nutritional benefits!

So Why Do I Favor Coffee More Than Smoothies?

Well for starters, coffee can boost your adrenaline level in your body. This is the hormone responsible for giving you that rush of energy.

What really happens is that as this adrenaline rushes through your body, it also tells your fat cells to release fat so that your body can use them as energy.

It also increases your metabolic rate as it increases your body temperature when you consume it.

Caffeine can do some wonders when taken the right way. It is also known to help boost your workout rate when you’re the type that likes to work out.

This means that you are more likely to burn more fat when you work out after drinking a protein-iced coffee.

Other Benefits Of Coffee In a Protein Shake

Coffee Improve Your Brain Functionality

That is because coffee is known to be able to block adenosine neurotransmitters.

This means that by blocking this neurotransmitter, you’ll end up having a boost in the firing of norepinephrine and dopamine.

In simple terms, you’ll end up having an increase in brainpower

It Can Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Coffee is known to be able to decrease the chances of developing liver cancer by a whopping 47%.

This means that those that consume coffee have shown to suffer cancer the least compared to those that don’t.

Not only that but it can also decrease the chances of developing other forms of cancer in your body.

My #1 Iced Coffee Recipe For Weight Loss

Making this drink is very easy!

Iced Coffee Protein Shake To Lose 2O Lbs In A Month



  • Two Cups Of Coffee [BREWED]
  • Medium Avocado [1/4]
  • Chilled Coconut Cream [1/4 cup]
  • One Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake

Instructions To Follow

There are only four steps to follow:

Step #1 | take your strong brewed coffee and fill an ice tray and put it in a freezer until it’s frozen or turned to rock solid.

Step #2 | Refrigerate that coconut cream for about 3 to 4 hours so that it can be used while it’s chill!

Step #3 | this is the easiest step. Once those two have reached the required condition, it’s time to pull all of those ingredients in a high-speed blender, including, the creamy vanilla protein shake and the medium avocado!

Step #4 |when it is smooth and consistently creamy, you can now pour it in a glass and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Although using this iced coffee protein shake can help you shed few pounds, without proper guidance, you might not be able to lose 20lbs in a month!

That is why I strongly recommend first building some long-term eating habits and get your system in order.

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