What Is a Safe Rate Of Weight Loss On a Long-Term Basis For Most Overweight People?

Want to lose weight and yet don’t know the safe rate of weight loss on a long-term basis?

This post is for people on different weight scales from overweight to fat skinny. We are going to discuss the right approach to lose weight on a long-term basis.

When it comes to weight loss, there are different approaches because people want to achieve different goals.

People that are overweight want to burn as many pounds as they can as soon as possible.

This may be different for someone who just wants to shrink a few inches in order to fit in that wedding dress.

With that in mind, I am going to discuss two weight-loss approaches!

Two Weight Loss Approaches

There is a short-term weight loss and a long-term weight loss approach. They are both different and their rates are also different too.

Short Term Fat Loss Goals

These are the types of goals where people who want to lose weight, aim to burn few pounds in a short period of time without even worrying about gaining the weight back.

This approach is mostly used by people planning to go to events such as weddings.

It’s not even a life-changing goal since the amount of work put in is not that much… or is it?

I will explain that in a moment.

Long Term Fat Loss Goals

And these are the types of goals where people want to lose a ton of weight in a long term, meaning that gaining some weight back is not an option.

This is the approach used by those that are obese or maybe weigh more than 203 pounds.

It takes time to achieve and you also need to understand that the rate of weight loss at this stage is very important.

And you also need to take in mind that as an obese individual, it takes more than exercising in order to lose the right amount of weight.

What Is The Best Approach To Weight Loss?

#1 Detoxify Your Body

The first step I personally think is best when you want to start losing weight is doing a full body detox.

By detoxifying your body, I mean getting rid of those harmful toxins from your system.

The first form of detox I believe is sugar detox. That is because most of us usually gain a lot of unwanted fats through eating processed sugars.

#2 The Type of Food You Eat

After doing your body detox, it’s now the time for you to evaluate what you eat going forward.

This part is super crucial because the food you eat contributes about 90% of your weight gain. The others are psychological and genetic.

In fact, you need to have a good diet plan in hand. I usually recommend using the custom keto diet plan made for you.

If you are one of those people that can’t help the need for snacking, then you need to be snacking on the right food too.

These crazy-filling snacks are the best place to start.

#3 Workout

This is one of the best tools you can use to speed up your weight loss.

I see a lot of people who use working out as their main form of weight loss. I have nothing against working out but this is the wrong approach.

What goes in your mouth is the most important thing when you want to lose weight.

Use working out as a tool to help speed up your weight loss!

What Is Considered Unhealthy Rapid Weight Loss?

There are a lot of bold claims out there considering this issue. Some prefer losing over 20 pounds or more per month which is approximately 5 pounds per week.

If you manage to lose over 5 pounds or more per week, you might want to see a doctor or a physician since this can trigger some health issues.

Although some people manage to lose this much weight and still feel energetic, I can’t say it’s the same for everyone.

Regardless of what people say about weight loss, there is a thin line between burning a lot of weight in a healthy way and unhealthy rapid weight loss.

And for all of us, it varies.

What Is a Realistic Rate Of Weight Loss For Long-Term Fat Control?

Okay now let’s be practical for a bit:

Let’s say you weigh more than 200 pounds and you want to lose weight fast.

What is the rate of weight loss can you lose weight without affecting your health in a negative way?

Well, I prefer burning about 2 pounds per week. Which is about 8 or 10 pounds in a month. In two months you’ll be down 20 pounds.

After 6 months, you’ll be down 60 pounds.

So does this mean you cannot or should not lose more than that in six months? In short, No.

You can still lose way more if you do it the right way. This is just a rough estimate for people that want to lose weight without affecting their health.

So Where Do I Even Begin My Weight Loss Journey?

I have written a few blog posts covering just that.

What came into realization is that a lot of people that are obese take a lot of added sugar content on a day-to-day basis.

This means that in order to lose some weight, they need to first start off by doing a good sugar detox.

This will help them shed a few pounds in no time at all.

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People lose an average of 10 to 20 pounds in a month or less using this 3 Step Guide to Rapid healthy weight loss.

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