Weight Loss Plateau | How To Get Over The Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateau happens to the best of us and we end up confused thinking that we are doing something wrong.

Then you go back to your weight-loss strategies only to find that you’re eating healthy, working out and somehow it seems like something important was removed from the equation.

Your weight loss journey seems to have just paused mid-air!

Well, in this post I’m going to explain why this happens and also explain how to get past that weight loss plateau.

What Exactly Is A Weight Loss Plateau?

For those of you who are new to this and just came to this post to understand what weight loss plateau is, I got you covered.

A weight-loss plateau is when you are in the process of losing weight, eating the right types of food, and all of a sudden you just stop losing weight altogether.

It suddenly feels like you can’t lose any more weight.

This can cause depression to other people because they don’t know what to do next because they are probably not eating their favorite foods and at the same time no longer getting the results they need.

What Are The Causes Of This Plateau?

There are different factors that may be creating this problem for you. And sometimes it’s good to know what could be the cause.

That is because once you know the potential cause it’s easier to know what to do next in order to break that barrier!

Slow Metabolism

Sometimes your metabolism slows down weeks after you started your weight loss journey.

This means that your body is no longer burning enough calories compared to when you had a higher body weight.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

When you start a weight loss journey, you are more likely going to burn a lot of fat fast and you’ll a significant drop when you hop on to a scale.

As time goes on, it stops because you are forgetting an important factor which is getting enough sleep.

For some people, when this happens, they end up gaining that weight again.

You’re Stressed

Stress is another factor that you need to be on the lookout for.

But when it comes to stress, it can get tricky for some people. Your stress may be caused by the rate at which you were losing weight.

Perhaps it may happen that your lack of sleep started delaying your weight loss or maybe the shift in your metabolic rate may be the cause of that drop in your weight loss speed.

And then all of that results in you being stressed.

This means that you may be experiencing more than one cause of the weight loss plateau. So the grand question is how can you break it?

5 Tips To Get Over The Weight Loss Plateau?

#1 Getting Enough Sleep

The first thing you should try to do since it is very common that it may be the cause of the weight loss plateau is getting enough sleep.

Having quality sleep is essential to your physical and mental health.

Don’t deprive your body of quality sleep because sleep deprivation is linked to causing hormonal imbalance.

This then leads to having too many food cravings and then you end up eating more food than you should.

#2 Do a Body Detox

Toxins that you may have in your system can compromise your ability to lose weight.

This is why it is essential for us to detoxify ourselves when we want to lose weight. Sugars and other unwanted chemicals may be there in your body.

I know that your body can detoxify itself because it has been built that way, but you can also help it reach efficiency by eating and drinking the right food.

#3 Change Your Routine

When you change things up a bit, it doesn’t mean that you are destroying all of your efforts and progress.

This means that you are shifting your body to other levels and you not letting it become too comfortable in the state it is already in.

Don’t forget that because you have already lost some weight, your body needs you to spice things up and take things up a notch.

But don’t take too far and make big changes because too much change can be overwhelming and your body may find it hard to adapt to that kind of change.

#4 Increase Intensity

If you were working out in order to boost your weight loss progress, increasing intensity may be a good idea.

Don’t forget that when you work out, your body becomes strong, and some of the things that you used to do when workout may not even break a single drop of sweat anymore.

Increasing the intensity of your workouts may be very helpful.

#5 Change Your Diet Plan

Changing a diet plan is one of the best things you can do to help yourself break that weight loss plateau.

That is because some diet plans may contain ingredients that are compromising your weight loss.

Finding a good alternative may be what you need best and our FREE 3 Step Guide to Rapid Weight Loss is the best place to start.

This guide comes with a diet plan called the Custom Keto Diet plan and it has helped a lot of my readers break their plateaus.

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